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Task Force Zeta Vol. 2 - Fleet Auxilliaries

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Task Force Zeta Vol. 2 - Fleet Auxilliaries
Product Line: Task Force Zeta
Author: Karl Johnson
Publish Year: 2013
Pages: 94
Dimensions: 8.5x11x.2"
Restockable: No
NKG part #: 2148269916
Mfg. part #: LGP4002
Type: Softcover


You've learned how to defeat your enemies on the distant borders of The Empire, commanded powerful warships and fighter wings in battle, and lived to tell your tales in the officer's lounge. But none of your accomplishments would have been possible were it not for a plethora of supporting troops, supply tenders, repair vessels, and starbases along your route to the enemy's front door. Time to give them their due.

Task Force Zeta Volume Two: Fleet Auxiliaries brings these forces and more to your tabletop space battles. This volume includes:

  • Numerous optional rules, including boarding combat, ramming attacks, combat/long-range scouts, docking, towing, explosions, shipboard fires, and more!
  • New classes of vessels, including starbases and ground installations, transport ships and shuttles, Exosuit and Mecha-based fighter squadrons, and Oversized vessels that have no theoretical limit in their size and capacities during their construction.
  • Six new weapon characteristics that expand the capabilities of existing weapons classes, Unconventional Weapons to conduct specific forms of electronic attacks against the enemy, mine warfare rules, and Organic ship hulls to represent bio-mechanoid ships.
  • 29 new and expanded systems that can be added to ships of any size, including teleporters, tractors beams, grappling hooks, troop, cargo, and passenger bays, deployment systems for troop transports, and more. A number of new systems are geared towards preparing your vessels for campaign-style gaming.
  • Rules for interacting with planetary bodies, wormholes, jumpgates, and combat in hyperspace (which is always a risky undertaking).
  • Construction section additions that allow players to create ships using all of the new options, keeping Task Force Zeta at the forefront of space combat games with the largest number of possibilities for unit creation.
  • 50 new pre-designed vessels, including a selection of ships from two original forces - the Omani Imperium and the Rikai'ishi'i Empire.
  • Six new tactical scenarios that include pirate attacks against convoys and Q-ships, weapons test beds, salvage operations, starbase assaults, and more!
  • Complete rules for running a tactical campaign game, including a fully-developed campaign scenario with attendant map. A blank star sector map for creating your own campaign game set-ups is also included.
  • A section devoted to Joint Strike Operations, allowing players to run planetary invasion scenarios by combining Task Force Zeta with our popular Strike Legion tactical game series, and a complete Joint Strike Operations scenario featuring the Omani vs. the Rikai'ishi'i in space and on the ground. New Strike Legion Data Cards to represent a portion of these forces are also included.
  • A secondary download containing the basic background information, Data Cards, and ground unit formations for the Omani and Rikai'ishi'i from Strike Legion: Skunk Works.

    Note: Task Force Zeta Volume Two: Fleet Auxiliaries is not a complete game. You must own a copy of Task Force Zeta Volume One: Ships of the Line to use the materials contained herein. Players wishing to use the enclosed Joint Strike Operations rules must own (at minimum) the Strike Legion Main Rulebook.