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Complete B/X Adventurer, The

By: Running Beagle Games

Type: Softcover

Product Line: B/X Companion

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Complete B/X Adventurer, The
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Jonathan Becker
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The Complete B/X Adventurer is a gaming supplement for use with your B/X (and B/X compatible retro-clones) fantasy adventure game. It contains new material for use with your B/X game...material designed to inspire and add to your existing fantasy campaign, almost all of it for the player character (PC)...though certainly there is good fodder for any Dragon Masters worthy of the name "DM."

The book is 62 pages, most of which is content: new classes, new spells, new character options, rules for fleshing out beginning characters. Long-time readers of the blog will recognize some of this material...part of what prompted me to write it was input from readers asking me to collect some of this material into a single volume. This I have done (with some tweaks), as well as adding a bunch of other material.

The bulk of the book is new B/X classes, including five new spell-casting classes. Nearly half of the book is devoted to spell lists and there are more than 110 new spells (not counting reverse spells). To put that in perspective, the original B/X books contained only 106 spells...and each of the new spell-casting classes has a unique method of using magic, not simply being limited to "divine" or "arcane" spell-casting types.

Other than the spell-casters, there are a dozen other classes for a total of 17. Most of these are human adventurer-types; three are demihumans. They represent adventuring archetypes found in fantasy fiction that are not already represented in B/X (nor are they found in the Advanced Edition Companion for Labyrinth Lord published by Goblinoid Games). All have information for including them at Basic, Expert, or even Companion level adventurers, so you can use them "right out of the box." However, if playing classes above 14th level, one will want to invest in a copy of my B/X Companion or a similar fantasy game detailing high level adventures. Indeed, some of the higher level spells available make reference to material found in the B/X Companion.

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