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Flying Flight Stands - Small (6)

By: Mongoose Publishing

Type: Supplies

Product Line: Noble Armada - A Call to Arms - Core & Assorted

Last Stocked on 5/23/2013

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Flying Flight Stands - Small (6)
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Supplied with two different stems, allowing you to choose the height of your flying models, each base also comes with a ball and socket joint, designed to avoid those annoying breakages.

The ball and socket joint allows you to alter the angle of your model, so you can set it at dramatic or jaunty angles - climbing hard after a strafing attack perhaps, or maybe banking to avoid enemy fire.

This ball and socket joint also allows you to 'unplug' the model from the base for easier and safer storage and transportation. Simply pop the model off the base, lay it flat in a carry case, and then click it back on when you are ready for play.

During actual play, the ball and socket joint can also save the stand from damage during play - if you knock the model accidentally, it will have a tendency to tilt on the ball and socket joint rather than snap the stem. With other bases, you may find yourself getting busy with a drill to refit a new stem, never fun while you are trying to play a game!

This pack comes with six small 30mm flying bases.

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