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Crest of the Valkyrie - Vydar's Flag Bearer, Laglor

By: Wizards of the Coast

Type: Minis Box Set

Product Line: HeroScape - Promo & Retail Exclusive Products

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Crest of the Valkyrie - Vydar's Flag Bearer, Laglor
NKG Part #
Minis Box Set


Primal instincts awaken. The beast within cannot be contained. Laglor¹s broad chest rises and falls; a faint whistle escapes from his wide nostrils as the great ape pulls in a mouthful of air and releases it in a snort. His eyes narrow, a wicked grin spreading wide across his shaggy face.

Laglor¹s mind summons the stories of his youth, stories told by the primadon elders, of a time on Marr before the Marro infestation threatened to snuff out all other life on the planet. A time when the primadon¹s growing technology was used for the advancement of peace, rather than just the preservation of it.

Laglor can contain it no longer. With a guttural howl he leaps high into the air, letting loose the beast within him. His thick arms flail, grasping at hanging vines. Snatching one out of the sky, he swings low over the swampy terrain and uses his right foot to grab hold of the skull of a Marro Stinger. Releasing the vine, Laglor soars through the air, catching hold of a branch which he nimbly pulls himself up onto. With a quick twist and snap, he disposes of the Marro Stinger and tightens his grip around the trigger handles of his autoloader, using it to fire down upon the swarming Marro that enclose Vydar¹s agents below.

Looking up, the agents see Laglor bearing the mark of Vydar high above.
Using the distraction he¹s created, they regroup and take aim upon their enemy with an heightened precision and range.

This is a complete Flag Bearer set which includes:

  • 1 miniature
  • 1 Army Card
  • 12 d6
  • 1 d20
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