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Haunting of Larvik Island, The

By: Thick Skull Adventures

Type: Module

Product Line: Fantasy Adventures (4e)

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Haunting of Larvik Island, The
Stephen Newton
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For centuries the legendary exploits of the mighty warlord Larvik have inspired storytellers and adventurers. Despite his glory, Larvik’s fortunes were lost in the war between his sons following his death. What remains is a dangerous island that bears his name and the legend of its treasure accessible only once every 35 years.

The time is at hand! Will your party be stout enough to explore the island, defeat both natural beasts and lost souls, and decipher the mysterious markers Larvik left behind? Will you uncover the lost caverns before time runs out and the secret is hidden for another 35 years? Or will you merely become another footnote in the history of the many who have fallen never to return chasing the legend of Larvik Island?

The Haunting of Larvik Island includes a rich history of the island, over a dozen new original monsters, and detailed encounter notes to help GMs bring the adventure alive on game night. The adventure also contains a summary of important locations, NPCs and myths to allow the GM to easily customize the adventure for their own campaign setting if desired.

“The Haunting of Larvik Island” is a 4th-Edition adventure designed for five 1st-level characters.

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