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#18 w/The South Seas Campaign 1942-1943

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#18 w/The South Seas Campaign 1942-1943
Category: War Games
Sub Category: War Game Magazines
Author: Joseph Miranda
Publish Year: 2011
Pages: 62
Dimensions: 8.5x11x.3"
Restockable: No
NKG part #: 2148956106
Mfg. part #: DCGWW18
Type: Magazine

#18 w/The South Seas Campaign 1942-1943
#18 w/The South Seas Campaign 1942-1943


The South Seas Campaign, 1942-43 (SSC), designed by Joseph Miranda, is a two player, strategic-level wargame of intermediate complexity that covers the struggle for control of the naval, air and land lines of communication between Australia and the US during those two years. Most ground units in the game represent divisions, brigades or regiments. Aircraft units represent two groups or air regiments (six to eight squadrons). Ship units mostly represent one fleet aircraft carrier, “divisions” of two light or escort carriers, two battleships, four cruisers, squadrons of six to eight destroyers (plus Japanese light cruiser destroyer leaders), and various numbers of other ship types. On the area map, each inch equals 90 miles. Each turn represents from two weeks to two months, depending on the tempo of action at any given time.

Special rules cover such things as: random events, reinforcements, withdrawals, refits, fog of war, off-map bases, interceptions, invading Australia, long-range bombers, protected targets, shore bombardment, commandos, airborne units, seaplanes, and the Tokyo Express. The game uses the system originally created for our earlier-published game, Red Dragon Rising.

Articles in this issue:

  • South Seas Campaign, 1942-43. The aero-naval campaigns fought north and east of Australia in 1942-43 proved to be some of the war’s most decisive. An analysis of what was at stake.
  • The Battle of Changkufeng Hill, 1938. This was a crucial early clash between Soviet and Japanese troops on the Manchurian border.
  • The Battle of Hatten-Rittershofen, 1945. The Opening engagement in the German counterattack into Alsace, versus the US 14th Armored Division in January 1945.
  • Soviet Air Power, 1941-45. The story of Stalin’s air force, from its near-destruction to its full resurrection and victory.