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Matachin Stealthship

By: Mongoose Publishing

Type: Minis Pack

Product Line: Noble Armada - A Call to Arms - House Decados

4 figures

Last Stocked on 1/10/2021

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Matachin Stealthship
Publish Year
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Minis Pack


One of only two fleets that are able to support stealthships, al Malik is justifiably proud of this technological achievement. The Matachin is fast and maneuverable, and carries enough troops on board to cause even a Hazat captain some concern.

Like the Decados stealthship, the Matachin is forced to sacrifice armor for its stealth, so its captains tend to be picked for their cunning and killer instinct a Matachin led by an impatient captain is likely to become only so much space dust within minutes of a battle starting. Instead, Matachin captains pride themselves on finding the perfect assault, often spending an entire battle carefully advancing towards an enemy, tracking them through space and taking advantage of debris as they close in, undetected. Multiple rocket launchers are replaced with several grapple guns, ensuring that when the ship launches its attack, it will not fail. With enough troops to overwhelm even a large cruiser, the Matachin is fast becoming a vital component to the al Malik fleet.

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