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Eldritch Sorcery (Softcover, Reprint Edition)

Eldritch Sorcery (Softcover, Reprint Edition)
Author: Patrick Lawringer, Scott Greene, David Mannes
Pages: 144
Dimensions: 8.5x11x.33"
Restockable: No
Type: Softcover


Forgotten spells, lost lore, and hidden artifacts possessing the power of ages await those brave enough to search them out or create them. Highlight your campaign with new treasures or develop your character through the use of new spells and feats.

This small collection of balanced spells and feats can be used to enhance any player character or campaign. These new spells and magic items come from the same people that brought you the Tome of Horrors. Guidelines provided within this tome should help adjust any of the feats and spells to your own game world. Necromancers, and the clerics that battle them, can find new powers here, if they dare to release them.

• New spells and feats designed to help enhance characters and game play.
• Guidelines are provided for creating campaign-specific arcane or divine prestige classes.
• Supplies new magic items, relics, and artifacts for characters to seek out or for DMs to build adventures around.
• Provides players with new spells and powers they'll love, without breaking the balance of the game and ruining it for others.
• Supplies new magic items and artifacts that can be used as a source for a DM to construct an entire campaign.
• Unlike most books of spells, the spells here fit with v3.5 rules and are balanced by the same people that brought you award-winning books in the past.