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Rappan Athuk #2 - The Dungeon of Graves - The Middle Levels (Reprint Edition)

By: Necromancer Games

Type: Module

Product Line: d20 Fantasy Adventures (Necromancer Games)

Last Stocked on 10/30/2016

Product Info

Rappan Athuk #2 - The Dungeon of Graves - The Middle Levels (Reprint Edition)
Bill Webb, Clark Peterson


Though you lost several of your companions in the Upper Levels, you want more! Do you dare assault the hidden Temple of Orcus? Can you locate the famed Passage to the Gates of Hell? Will you be able to find the fabled Mushroom of Youth or the Hall of the Titan Ereg Tal? Or will you fall prey to the Phase Minotaurs and Kazleth, the Minotaur King? Only those willing to descend still further into Rappan Athuk will learn the answer. A pity you won't live to tell your tale...

Darkness and Evil

Rappan Athuk - The Middle Levels continues the adventure into the most famous and feared dungeon in all the lands. Designed for characters of 7th level and higher and published under the d20 system, Rappan Athuk - The Middle Levels will challenge even veteran adventurers with its nefarious evil. This module includes more dungeon levels and expanded information about this wicked den of evil. Rappan Athuk - The Middle Levels is the second in our three-part "R" series of modules which in total detail all 26 levels of this notorious dungeon.

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