#171 "Better Gate Than Lever"

By: Kenzer & Co.

Type: Comic

Product Line: Knights of the Dinner Table Comic - #151 - #200

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#171 "Better Gate Than Lever"
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The Strips

High Stakes Joker Part II
      •It's a game of chance when sturm giants are involved.
Raising the Stakes
      •Will Johnny's gamble with sturm giants pay off?
All In
      •Johnny faces a little more competition.
The Lost Strips
      •Lost Strip: untitled ("The Assassin Who Came in from the Cold")
The GM "Strikes" Back
      •It's not just the players who are facing a dice audit.
The Dice Audit
      •Weird Pete performs some dice tests.
The Gift Dice
      •The dice audit tests are in.
Channeling Gary Part II
      •Who's really on "the other side"?
One-Two Punches

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