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Age of Honor - The Wars of Lace, 1700-1789

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Age of Honor - The Wars of Lace, 1700-1789
Author: Bill Gray
Publish Year: 2010
Pages: 88
Dimensions: 8.5x11x.45"
Restockable: Yes
Mfg. part #: AOE-1510
Type: Softcover


This rules book contains everything you need to play Lace Wars battles using the Age of Eagles System.


  • Introduction - including all rules changes needed to convert AOE to Lace Warfare in less than a page.
  • Commanders - four pages listing every major commander we could find for the era.
  • Unit Data Charts - eight pages full of regimental data concerning all the forces that fought during the period of the WSS thru the War of Bavarian Succession.
  • The Age of Eagles Supplement - to catch you up as regards rules' changes, corrections, interpretations and a bevy of modifications from our Yahoo Group.
  • Quick Reference Sheet - only two pages, designed to replace the one found in AOE, specifically designed for AOH.
  • Bibliography

    The 88 page, full color Age of Honor expansion has the following scenarios:

  • Battle of Luzarra - Marshal Vendome vs Eugen of Savoy in Italy, War of Spanish Succession (WSS).
  • Battle of the Blenheim - Marlborough vs the Sun King, Round 1, WSS
  • Battle of Ramillies - Marlborough vs the Sun King, Round 2, WSS.
  • Battle of Poltava - Charles XII vs Peter the Great, from the Great Northern War.
  • Battle of Peterwardein - Eugene of Savoy vs the Ottoman Empire, 1719.
  • Battle of Fontenoy - Marshal Saxe vs the Duke of Cumberland, War of Austrian Succession (WAS).
  • Battle of Hohenfriedberg - Frederick the Great's masterpiece victory in the WAS.
  • Battle of Kesselsdorf - Brunswick against the Saxons, WAS.
  • Battle of Kolin- Frederick's first defeat at the hands of Marshal Daun, Seven Years War (SYW).
  • Battle of Hastenbeck - Cumberland vs the French, where both commanders thought they lost!
  • Battle of Leuthen - Frederick the Great's masterpiece against Prince Charles of Lorraine, SYW.
  • Battle of Krefeld - The Duke of Brunswick vs France, Round 1, SYW.
  • Battle of Zorndorf - Frederick the Great vs the Russians, Round 1, SYW.
  • Battle of Minden - The Duke of Brunswick vs France, Round 2, SYW
  • Battle of Kunersdorf - Old Fritz vs the Russians, Round 2, SYW.
  • Battle of Torgau - Frederick vs Marshal Daun in the last major battle of the SYW.