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Halls of the Mountain King

By: Open Design Project

Type: Hardcover

Product Line: Fantasy Supplements (4e) (Open Design Project)

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Halls of the Mountain King
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Halls of the Mountain King is an untraditional dungeon, an homage to Moria and Undermountain that adds a few twists.

Plot and story have been worked out collaboratively in the private Open Design forum. The dwarves are a hard-working group, whose mining of adamantine lured them ever-deeper and whose pursuit of ore led them into dangerous territory. The vertical dungeon goes from the depths of the earth through the great halls and works of a vanished clan, up to a snowy mountaintop spire and an (optional) airship dock, as suggested by Kobold Quarterly's recent article on airships.

Despite the emphasis on dwarven halls, I'll be riding herd on the design to avoid cliches. No crypts loaded with undead, no orcs or goblins who rule the halls. Something else has led to the dwarven collapse.

Maps: This dungeon will include roughly both tactical maps and overviews/cutaways of the dungeon and includes a 3D/isometric map, like the ones in I6 Ravenloft. The adventure itself has about 50 encounters total.

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