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Blast Off

By: Heroic Journey Publishing

Type: Softcover

Product Line: Bounty Head Bebop

Last Stocked on 5/21/2020

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Blast Off
Product Line
JP de Henaut
Publish Year
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Live And Die Amongst the Music of the Stars A slow melody plays. It's just a lazy day making a cargo run between Mars and the Ceres belt. But you know what they say, the tempo has to change sometime. Out of nowhere, comes somebody's bounty running like a bat out of hell firing everything its got at some rookie, probably on his first run.

Cue the chase music. This milk run just got a whole lot more interesting.

Get ready to blast your Bounty Head Bebop game into space with Bounty Head Bebop: Blast Off! a new supplement packed with everything you need go after your mark in the cold, quiet deeps of space. You will find: Ship creation rules to give your bounty hunters the ride they always deserved Ship edges and flaws for personalizing a ship and giving it that extra oomph in combat A complete map of the Ceres belt where all sorts of trouble awaits A few famous ships of the galaxy The rides of the worst criminal scum in the galaxy

Bounty Head Bebop: Blast Off! take the fight to space and bring the bad guys home. Crime does pay.

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