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Extra Impetus #2 - Army Lists, Campaigns & Tutorials

By: Dadi & Piombo

Type: Softcover

Product Line: Impetus

Last Stocked on 2/23/2020

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Extra Impetus #2 - Army Lists, Campaigns & Tutorials
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Extra Impetus 2, second supplement for Impetus, ancients and medieval wargames rules. Includes army lists, campaigns, tutorials and errata.

Official army lists for:

The Roman Empire: Early Imperial Romans, Early Germans, Jewish Revolt, Dacians, Later Sarmatians, Alans, Middle Imperial Romans, Sassanid Persians, Palmyra, Arab-Aramic Kingdoms, Pre-Islamic Arabs, Armenians, Ancient Britons, Caledonians, Early irish, Picts, Alamanni, Late Imperial Romans (East), Late Imperial Romans (West), Early Visigoths or Therveingi, Moors.

The Year 1000: Normans in Normandy, Anglo-Danish, Danish or Norwegians (Vikings), Morse Irish, Early Welsh, Normans in Sicily, Arabs in Sicily, Nikephorian Byzantines, Kostantinian Byzantines, Early French, Western Franks and Ottonians, Papal States, Magyars, Later Longobards.

The Crusades: Fatimids, Seljuq Turjks, Sultunate of RUm, Komnenian Byzantines, Cilician Armenians, Syrian States, Ayyubid Egyptians, Early Crusaders, Later Crusaders, Latin Empire, Empire of Nicaea, Despotate of Epiros, Second Bulgar Empire.

Plus 1 campaign game - Saladin at the gate. Historical backgrounds, tutorials, clarifications and additional rules.

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