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Gunmen Unit Box

By: Rackham

Type: Minis Box Set

Product Line: AT-43 - Cogs

3 figures

Last Stocked on 7/6/2016

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Gunmen Unit Box
Product Line
Publish Year
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Minis Box Set


Gunmen are the Cogs’ support units. Three gunmen, each of which is equipped with a quantum MG, have enough firepower to vaporize any infantry unit no matter its size. Apart from a well dug-in position with solid cover, there is little that can withstand their fire.

A Gunman’s mind is specifically conditioned to be obsessed with the spectacle of destruction its weapon can cause. Its gun is its faithful friend; the gunman has an intimate relationship with its quantum MG. This relationship leads to an eruption of violence that makes this infernal couple lethally efficient!

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