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Alexandrian Wars

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Alexandrian Wars
Sub Category: Software & PC Games
Product Note: PC CD-Rom
Publish Year: 2009
Dimensions: 5.5x5x.25"
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NKG part #: 2148426867
Type: Software (unboxed)

Alexandrian Wars
Alexandrian Wars


Alexander of Macedon - possibly the greatest military commander of the Ancient World. From the outset of the Persian Wars in 334 BC and the eight years that followed, Alexander was never defeated in battle.

The combined use of shock heavy cavalry, massed pikemen and light skirmishing infantry distinguished Alexander as one of the greatest tactical geniuses of all time. Re-create the battles of Alexander the Great and his father Philip of Macedon, who consolidated his rule in Greece. Replay the famous battles of Chaeronea, Gaugamela and the Hydaspes.

There are 44 scenarios included (20 historical, 16 hypothetical & eight from the Table Top Series) covering actions such as Chaeronea, Pelium, Gabai & Hydaspes. The Table Top Series (TTS) are scenarios made up of evenly matched armies based on points. Many miniature wargamers will recognize the structure of TTS battles.

In addition to the main game engine there is also a scenario editor included which allows players to create their own scenarios from scratch, edit existing scenarios and also create their own Order of Battles. Detailed instructions are included on how to use the editors, calculate points for your army and even modifying the stock graphics, called "Paint your own army". 41 maps are also included in the game covering historical and randomly generated locations, so a large amount of terrain is available for scenario designers to create custom scenarios.

Game Features

The Ancient Warfare engine is a hex based, tactical, plot - simultaneous resolution engine. A game turn is composed of three phases. Each player assigns commands to his units; movement, changing formation etc. The computer then determines the net effect of these orders as the move is played out. Fire and melee combat is automatic. At this point the players observe the outcome. The game then moves on to the next turn. This game provides a wide range of actions, from small skirmishes a player can complete in one evening to monster battles with over 40,000 men in your army.

You can play against the computer, by e-mail against a human opponent, or with two people on the same PC (hot seat). You can play single historical battles or campaigns where your army is carried through from scenario to scenario. Choice of reinforcements and even the next battle location in a campaign make Alexandrian Wars another great game.

Colorful 3-D units (100 different types) of all the historical troop types in Alexander's army plus many of his adversaries' bring to life classical warfare from the period 400 - 300 B.C. Specially designed terrain features show the battlefields of the ancient world from Greece to India.

This game contains all the great elements of the Ancient Warfare series such as fortifications and siege warfare as well as massed ranks of pikes, Indian elephants, and finely tuned combat. An enhanced computer A.I. plays an aggressive strategy that requires you to use the best formations and tactics history has to offer in order to win each battle. You may also face off against an opponent in a balanced hypothetical match from the "table top series" of battles or join in a multi-player PBEM battle with hundreds of units.

A variety of scenarios from historical classics of the Ancient World to fictional conflicts are provided, plus a scenario editor allowing players to create as many battles as they like. This game accurately reflects Macedonian tactics and the need for combined arms to win battles against superior numbers. This is your chance to see if you can best the greatest commander in history!

Game Scale: Each hex represents a distance of 20 meters.
Each turn represents 15 minutes of real time.

The game may be played against the computer AI or via E-mail against one or more players.

The battles can be viewed in either 3D, 2D zoom-in (plan view) and 2D zoom-out (strategic view).

Minimum Requirements

  • 1GHz Pentium
  • 512 MB RAM
  • 300 MB Hard Drive
  • Windows 98/2000/ME/XP/2003/Vista
  • 32 bit color (highly recommended)