Daemonic & Arcane

By: Pied Piper Publishing (Robert Kuntz)

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Product Line: Lake Geneva Castle & Campaign

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Daemonic & Arcane
Robert Kuntz
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Twenty-five highly detailed pieces of arcana from the Original Campaign! Includes historical commentary, campaign notes about their origins in print and in play, and additional footnoted material. The Special Edition of this comes with reproductions of the original manuscript/notes from the Red Book, Rob Kuntz's sourcebook wherein all material relating to the Original Campaign was kept. A piece of D&D™ history updated and expanded for inclusion in your campaign.

The Scepter of King Robert the 1st: This golden scepter is filigreed with lions and dragons all in the rampant position. Etched in silver words spiralling about its handle is the phrase: “Gold is Power.”

Author’s Historical Commentary: This is one of the oldest surviving relics from the Original Campaign. When the map for it was contrived, and in concert with related matter being included in the earliest Domesday Books, King Robert 1st 2 was ostensibly made the ruler of the Great Kingdom there, since changed through multitudinous remakings into what it is today in published form. His court has entertained such luminaries as the Lord of the Green Dragons™ and Lord Ayelerach, to name but a few…

Daemonic and Arcane Standard Edition-by Rob Kuntz.

NOTE: See Limited Edition available only with the Fan Appreciation Pack #2.

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