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Wilderlands of High Adventure XXXI

By: Adventure Games Publishing

Type: Softcover

Product Line: Wilderlands of High Adventure (Adventure Games Publishing)

Product Info

Wilderlands of High Adventure XXXI
James Mishler
Publish Year
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XXXI contains:

The complete text of the very-well received Free RPG Day product Imperial Town of Tell Qa: Northern Bastion of the Falling Empire, including 83 locations complete with NPCs, plus details on races, cultures, military defenses, local Mycretian cells, adventure rumors, recent history, and streets and market places, and a gorgeous yet eminently useable map of the town;

20 entirely new and highly detailed random encounters designed specifically for use with Tell Qa;

Complete and revised details on the Mycretians for use with the Wilderlands of High Adventure and Castles & Crusades. Designed as a major foil for the use of the Judge, the Mycretians and their lone god, Mycr, have always been among the most mysterious and interesting protagonists of the Wilderlands of High Fantasy. XXXI presents the Mycretian's motives and methods, and three entire Mycretian sects, plus the completely revised Mycretian class along with complete details on all new Mycretian gifts;

Descriptions of the Nguak and Liowan (Duck-folk and Lion-folk) races for Castles & Crusades;

XXXI is was printed in a limited edition of 310 copies.

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