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#17 "Critical Hits, Of Gods and Monsters, Hlobane"

By: Troll Lord Games

Type: Magazine

Product Line: Crusader, The - The Journal of the Intrepid Adventurer

Last Stocked on 8/27/2019

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#17 "Critical Hits, Of Gods and Monsters, Hlobane"
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Alea Iacta Est: Critical to Success. Critical hits can be great but dangerous things! We take a look at the high and the low.

Hammer & Anvil: Silly. April wouldn’t be April without a little bit of silly from our very own Casey Cannfield.

Tyman’s Taunting Tower: Christina Stiles brings us a silly side adventure for characters level 5-7!

Aihrdian Chronicles, Being the 15th Narrative: Meltowg sits down with the Rhul-Eye of Vien and learns of the Hlobane and the watchers on the road.

Mark’s Mechanics: Mark Sandy presents his world famous class and a half class for Castles & Crusades.

Product Highlights: Jim Ward takes presents us a full section from the forthcoming Of Gods and Monsters!

Marvallo, The April Fool: Casey Christoffereson brings you more classic gaming fodder.

Monsters of Aihrde: The Hlobane are legendary orcs, now play them in the game that brings it you in one simple package!

A Touch of Evil: The Black Librum of Nartarus. Finally Casey Christofferson gives us a new dose of spell in this necromancer’s book for C&C.

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