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Magnus Liber Rerum - The First Volume, Continuum 2004

By: Unspoken Word, The

Type: Softcover

Product Line: Glorantha/RuneQuest (The Unspoken Word)

Last Stocked on 1/3/2013

Product Info

Magnus Liber Rerum - The First Volume, Continuum 2004
Publish Year


The Unspoken Word was delighted to be able to assist the organizers of the recent and highly successful Continuum gaming con to produce this fund raising booklet. It is a 120-page A5, perfect-bound booklet with glossy card cover.


Continuum by Lawrence Whittaker
The Taming of Pent by Martin Laurie
The Mysteries of Charg by Kevin McDonald
E Stercore Durulzo by Stewart Stansfield
The Imperial Durulz Constabulary by Stewart Stansfield
The Ugulz: the dreaded cannibal pygmy ducks of Errinoru by Stewart Stansfield
City of 10,000 Magicians by Pete Metcalfe
Two Tales from the City of Serris by Newt Newport
Kallyrkala Fragment by John Hughes
The Duel by Jane Williams
The Four Queens of Nature by Martin Hawley
Warrior at the Gates of Dawn by Lawrence Whittaker
Achec s Tomb by Newt Newport [scenario for HeroQuest]
Cruel is the Snow by Guy Hoyle [HeroQuest scenario seed]
Lebchi and the Tree Lady Heroquest by David Dunham
A Hound it Was by Chad Bowser [scenario for Victoriana]
The Trumpton Riots by Steve Dempsey [rules-lite scenario for weirdness]
How Long Are My Tentacles? By Mike Mason
The Magnus Liber Rerum Colouring Page
Fragments from the Magnus Liber Rerum by Keith Nellist

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