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#12 "Managing High Level Campaigns, Resolving Mass Combat"

By: Troll Lord Games

Type: Magazine

Product Line: Crusader, The - The Journal of the Intrepid Adventurer

Last Stocked on 10/1/2022

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#12 "Managing High Level Campaigns, Resolving Mass Combat"
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Special Features:

Castle Keepers Guide: A Sneak Peak

A close look at the long awaited and hard fought for Castle Keeper’s Guide. What’s coming, what to expect and what not to expect with this latest weapon in the Crusader’s arsenal.

Regular Columns:

How it All Happened, by E. Gary Gygax:
Oak Hill Sanitarium, Part I

The Lake Geneva insane asylum, built for the wealthy and elite, excites the Gygaxian imagination with its towering edifice, tree-lined lane and sprawling grounds.

Alea iacta est, or "The Die is Cast," by Stephen Chenault:
Veterans of a Thousand Psychic Wars (Why Blue Oyster Cult Rocks)

Managing high level games is a high level challenge. Keeping the interest of veteran players who have veteran characters is tough, and capturing the mood and excitement of low level games even tougher.

Auld Wyrmish, by Mike Stewart:
War Machine

A formulaic method of resolving mass battles in a C&C campaign without recourse to an actual wargame. System considers races, levels, arms & armor, skill of leaders and PC intervention; all to resolve epic battles!

Hammer & Anvil, by Casey Cannfield:
The Campaign Setting – The Rules, Part I

I begin describing the process of creating C&C house rules for this campaign setting. This installment will include a revised magic system, customized classes, and a new attribute.

Aihrdian Chronicles (Fiction):
In The Presence of Kings

The Prince, lost in the dungeons of the slavers, finds ancient ruins from a time long ago. Highlight on magical construction.

Keeper’s Notes, by Davis Chenault:
Empty Spaces are Quiet and Relaxing -- and the Source of Many an Adventure

Empty your head and you will find it fills up quick.

Cartoons: Millstones, Grindstones and Skobbit Bones, by Jason Walton and Steve Chenault

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