St. Lucia & Barbados

By: Bezier Games

Type: Ziplock

Product Line: Steam/Age of Steam Maps and Expansions (Bezier Games)

Last Stocked on 5/6/2015

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St. Lucia & Barbados
Ted Alspach
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This full color Age of Steam expansion from Ted Alspach contains two new maps for 1 and 2 players respectively: Barbados & St. Lucia.

Age of Steam: Barbados gives you exclusive rights to build a train system on the beautiful Caribbean island of Barbados. All the cities want Pineapples (yellow cubes), and you realize that the only way to win is to be able to pay off your shares at the end of the game (your score is any remaining money you might have).

This Age of Steam expansion includes the following unique features:

Unique single-player action selection: An innovative yet simple solution for making the action selection process integral to gameplay is a key part of Barbados.

A new challenge each time you play: Each game is different and challenging, and allows you to enhance your Age of Steam skills in a relaxed environment.

Great for a quick game of Age of Steam: You can play a full game, including setup, in less than 30 minutes, and still enjoy all the strategy and fun that Age of Steam has to offer...with absolutely no downtime!

Players: 1

Age of Steam: St. Lucia is full of natural resources just waiting to be harvested from its fertile ground. And what better way to get those resources than by building a complex series of train tracks on the island directly to them!

This Age of Steam expansion includes the following unique features:

Goods all over the island: Goods are found not in cities or towns, but scattered across the entire island. Whoever builds track to the goods has the ability to deliver them.

Fast-paced gameplay: Games are typically finished in less than an hour, but still have all the tough and interesting decisions and challenges of larger games with more players...just less downtime!

Unique two-player system: A unique two-player turn/action selection system that is both simple to understand and strategically challenging.

Players: 2

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