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Leibstandarte Pack #2 - Barbarossa!

By: Lone Canuck Publishing

Type: Ziplock

Product Line: ASL Scenarios (Lone Canuck Publishing)

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Leibstandarte Pack #2 - Barbarossa!
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8 Scenarios compatible with MMP's ASL™ System, adaptable to Critical Hit's Combat™ Tactical Wargame and other miniature Wargaming systems.

July 8, 1941: The rapid advance of the German attack into western Russia known as "Barbarossa" has brought them up to the Russian frontier Defenses known as the Stalin Line. At the tip of the armored spearhead was the Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler Motorized Regiment, having mainly been used for reconnaissance for the 48th Panzerkorps, it was now forced to find a route through a heavily forested area. The SS-Grenadiers of Leibstandarte venture into its shadowy depth where awaited Russian in their hidden defenses...

July 13, 1941:Army Group South continued its push southeast relatively unopposed. The Russians, reeling back from the earlier attacks, are now attempting to set up a string of defensive positions to slow the Germans down long enough for their commanders to get reorganized. Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler, supported by assault guns, launch an attack into one such village and find that the talked about tired and demoralized Russian Armies still had some fight left in them...

August 19, 1941: The Germans turn their spearheads south towards the Black Sea to secure the ports of Nogay Steppes. Moving down the west bank of the Dnieper River, Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler, tired and over-stretched was now task to clear the port of Cherson on the right bank of the mighty river. With the support of the assault guns and under the cover of the 21cm Mortar of the Army's Heavy Artillery Battery, the SS-Grenadiers assault the heavily defended city as the Red Marines attempt to make their escape by ship...

September 20, 1941: Having crossed the mighty Dnieper, Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler had to split its forces, with half heading south towards the Crimea and the other half in pursuit of the fleeing Russians westward up the Dnieper peninsula. Standing in their way were Russian strong points, anyone of which could slow the German advance and allow the Russians to escape...

September 21, 1941: Continuing to struggle up the Dnieper peninsula, Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler secured its positions along the shores of the Black Sea so as to allow reinforcements and supplies to reach the front of the spearhead. However unexpectedly from the wind-swept sea came in speeding boats of the Black Sea Fleet Marines...

October 6, 1941: The German drive east for Don and the Russian City of Rostov has become an obsession. Units bypassed Russian formations, while others unexpectedly ran head long into them. Once such occurrence happened near the town of Romanowka when the Headquarters of the Reconnaissance Battalion, Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler unrepentantly drove into the Russian Ninth Army Headquarters...

October 26, 1941: The strain on the lead elements of Army Group South was beginning to show. With ammunition, fuel and supplies all in short order the SS-Grenadiers of Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler, were forced to attack one more position before they could go on the defensive...

November 20, 1941: With the temperature dropping to minus 20 degrees Celsius the attack on Rostov began. German forces leap frog forward with supporting artillery units sometimes unknowingly bounding pass the front lines and finding itself in more than it anticipated…

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