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Singleton Scenarios #1 - The Lost Isles #1, Exile

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Singleton Scenarios #1 - The Lost Isles #1, Exile
Author: Tim Bancroft
Publish Year: 2007
Pages: 76
Dimensions: 8.5x11x.2"
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Mfg. part #: K2DSTG001
Type: Softcover


Welcome to the Lost Isles, a vast open prison where unseen Wardens rule with iron control. Here you become a wanderer in a hostile land, an Exile...

Your aim is simple: to prove to the Wardens that you are fit to be released and your punishment undeserved. Your problems? The Guardians, awesome, deadly dragons, tasked with preventing the escape of any who are exiled to the islands or who would oppose their rule. But whose rule: the Guardians’ or the Wardens? And who and where are the Wardens?

Dare you face the Guardians of the Lost Isles?

Exile: A packed RuneQuest Sourcebook and the first in a series of Singleton Scenarios.

‘Exile’ is the starting scenario in a complete campaign thread for the RuneQuest Roleplaying Game based in the Lost Isles, a place of mystery and Exile. The reusable resources within the Sourcebook section include: a background and introduction to the Lost Isles; two maps, one of the South East Reaches, the other of the island on which the Player Characters are first stranded; Games Master and players plans of key places; new cults, including a fully-developed Healer's cult; new creatures, including illustrations; new traits and spells; and loads of statistic blocks for Non-Player Characters. All of the source information can be readily and easily used in your own campaigns.

Singleton Scenarios are designed for one or two players plus a Games Master: just perfect when short of players or looking for a more challenging game. A flexible approach means that larger groups will also find the scenarios demanding and fascinating.

This packed supplement contains the following:
Full details of Suberle, the Healer's Cult.
Outlines of more cults found in the Lost Isles.
New race, the Riverfolk, the sailors, boatmen, entertainers and above all traders of the anywhere by the sea, everything the ducks would like to be...
Vermin Drake: draconic hybrids, coming in three varieties and three sizes. Vermin you never want to meet on a dark night.
Lizardrake not as big as their cousins, but these hunt in packs...
The dragon-worshipping Wyrmkin, primitive but capable craftworkers.
Two new species of dragon: Firedrake and Darkwater Dragons, plus statistic blocks for four of the creatures found in the Lost Isles.
New Rune Spells.
New Divine Spells: Dragonclaws, Slumbersong, Warband's Heart, Feversong, Shieldwall and more.
Full statistics for six Accomplices, readily usable as pre-generated characters.
Two-part scenario introducing players to the Lost Isles and to the RuneQuest™ system.
GM's plans, maps, player's handouts.