High Command - Europe 1939-45

By: Three-Sixty Pacific

Type: Software (boxed)

Product Line: Computer War Games (Three-Sixty Pacific)

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High Command - Europe 1939-45
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Software (boxed)


High Command is a grand game of war and resource strategy set in Europe in 1939. As either the Allied or Axis side, you will be fully responsible for all of the military, economic, and political decisions for your side. Should you allocate your resources to military units immediately or should you invest in your country's infrastructure first? Do you allocate resources to sabotage or to negotiation? Once war is waged, the player has complete control over all land, air, and sea forces anywhere in the European theater. Playing as the Axis powers, the player truly has the ability to fight a completely different war if he/she chooses. There need not be an Eastern front if you decide against it. Economic options in High Command include production and research and development to give the player the flexibility to determine the course of weapons development and usage. Political options include diplomacy, intelligence, and foreign aid. Again, it's possible to develop entirely "anti-historic" alliances in WWII depending upon your decisions and goals. High Command also features flexible weather conditions, the ability to adjust Allied and Axis intelligence, and a also a strong computer AI.

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