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Armati (1st Edition)

Condition: VG+
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Armati (1st Edition)
Author: Arty Conliffe
Publish Year: 1994
Pages: 44
Dimensions: 8.5x11x.2"
Restockable: No
NKG part #: 2148206270
Type: Softcover


Armati is a complete rules system that simulates the battlefield tactics of Ancient, Medieval and Renaissance armies. Each Armati army can be assembled in three sizes, so that players may build them to suit both their financial resources and desired "look." 130 armies are included, divided into six periods, thereby permitting a greater array of "eligible" opponents within each period. The game is mechanically simple - a battle can be fought in less than two hours even when using the advanced rules.

Armati emphasizes careful battle-planning and execution on the part of the player-general, as modified by the particular army system the general commands. Armati stresses the tactical generalities inherent in warfare rather than the exceptional battlefield occurrences in particular battles. To reduce the advantages of a player's "helicopter view" and to provide a more believable simulation of ancient warfare, Armati does not permit the free-wheeling unit maneuvers common to other rules sets. Unit movement is controlled, especially when in close proximity to the enemy. The General's plan of battle is critical to success because it cannot be altered from moment to moment.

Armati represents soldier types based on their tactical usage rather than their weapons and armor, although equipment contributes to a unit's fighting efficiency. Armati's combat system emphasizes tactical situation management not theoretical weapon effectiveness.