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Bounty Hunter

Condition: NM
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Bounty Hunter
Author: Bryan Steele
Publish Year: 2006
Pages: 96
Dimensions: 8.5x11x.55"
Restockable: No
NKG part #: 2148770721
Mfg. part #: MGP3513
Type: Hardcover


"You are worth a year’s wages alive. Please don’t make me kill you."
- Benjamin Wayling, Freelance Acquisition Agent

Bounty Hunter is a guide to the world of freelance agents trained to bring their targets back from the far reaches of the Babylon 5 galaxy. These brave souls take up contracts from all walks of life to make their living. Corporations and governments alike look to bounty hunters to bring in or eliminate white-collar criminals, terrorists, revolutionaries, troublemakers and sometimes even actual criminals.

The career of the bounty hunter can be dangerous, even deadly. Depending on the kind of assignments they choose, who is contracting them and where they must go to retrieve the target, their lives can be at risk everywhere they go. This sense of adventure and danger draws just as many souls into the life of the bounty hunter as the career path tends to end prematurely, creating a cycle of ‘fresh meat’ to fill the well-worn shoes of those who could not handle the pressure of the job.

With the information contained within Bounty Hunter, both players and Games Masters should have all the power they need at their fingertips to offer the services of ‘personal acquisition’ through their own telling of tales and creation of Babylon 5 roleplaying characters. With the right mixture of raw talent, skill and a touch of luck – the next million-credit bounty could be theirs to track, confront and hopefully bring in. Or perhaps it will be the bounty placed upon them.