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Worlds at War #1

By: Majestic Twelve Games

Type: Novel - Softcover

Product Line: Iron Stars

MSRP $14.95

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Worlds at War #1
Product Line
H.G. Wells
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Novel - Softcover


Worlds at War is the first volume of The Iron Stars Library, a collection of works from a time when the horrors of the industrial age had been prophesized but not yet experienced; when the frontiers of science fantasy had not yet been fixed by post-atomic cliché; and when the entirety of scientific understanding had yet to outstrip the capacity of a single mind.

Through this series, it is our hope to revive the science and science fiction of this simpler era, while at the same time enriching the background to our popular Iron Stars game.

Volume One presents five works by H. G. Wells, the man who, along with Jules Verne, arguably invented the science fiction genre and directly influenced the background of the Iron Stars universe.

• The War of the Worlds is a chronicle of the Martian Invasion, as told by an English gentleman who survived the attack on London.
• The Crystal Egg describes the misadventures of a man who has stumbled across a Martian artifact used to spy upon Earthly activities.
• The First Men in the Moon is an account of the short-lived career of Mr. Cavor, inventor of the gravity-nullifying Cavorite and first explorer of the lunar surface.
• The Stolen Bacillus details an anarchist plot to spread Asiatic cholera throughout the city of London--with unexpected results.
• The Empire of the Ants is a chilling account of a group of Amazon explorers who discover that the threats to humanity aren't necessarily all extraterrestrial in origin.

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