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Duck Adventurers

By: Mongoose Publishing

Type: Minis Box Set

Product Line: RuneQuest Miniatures (Mongoose Publishing)

10 figures

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Duck Adventurers
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Minis Box Set


A race cursed during the Great Darkness by the gods for not siding with them against the forces of Chaos, Ducks are a twisted and embittered people. Whether they were once human given a comedic form or birds cursed with flightlessness and intelligence is not known but they are rarely given high regard by other races and have suffered from the attentions of tyrants many times in their history. Ducks are often suspicious and mistrustful of others, rarely expecting an even break. Many turn to petty crime or other malicious behavior but a small number manage to find a place in the world where their talents are valued by friends.

This box set contains 10 Duck Adventurers in a variety of roles, from bandit and warrior to ranger and priest.

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