Berlin - Fall of the Third Reich (2nd Edition)

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Product Line: Advanced Squad Leader - Berlin

Last Stocked on 5/15/2020

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Berlin - Fall of the Third Reich (2nd Edition)
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BERLIN—Fall of the 3rd Reich is a detailed new Historical Module VARIANT product for owners of BEYOND VALOR. Now hold on one nano-second. This compatible thing is getting a new twist. This product comes with all the SMC, MMC, AFV and Gun counters you need to play. Just bring your rulebook, SW and marker counters. We provide a complete set of FULL-COLOR VARIANT counters to play the game. Every tank, gun and man you need to play the scenarios is provided.

The street-level map at 50-yards scale is simply unprecedented. Fight your way across the urban Berlin battlefield literally from house-to-house. The map is the closest thing to an aerial photo-with-hexes ever published—without hexside issues. The map is flat out playable and pretty at the same time.

The NEW DIE-CUT COUNTERS provide Red Banner squads, fanatic Hitler Youth, Volkssturm and MORE, using professional new art for each little man. You also receive AFDs like the ISU 152, Soviet Artillery tractors, Konigstigers, and a heck of a lot more—all in new FULL-COLOR VARIANT editions. All of this and a lot more is found in Berlin—Fall of the 3rd Reich.

• Two sets of separate sheets (a total of 772!!!) die-cut variant counters, representing all the SMC and MMC counters, plus AFVs and guns, that you will need to play the game IN NEW FULL COLOR FORMAT, including Red Banner squads, Hilter Youth, • Soviet Artillery Tractors and more;
• Two large linking historical game maps on heavyweight stock;
• 12 scenarios printed on cards;
• PLUS FOUR BONUS scenarios printed on cards (for a total of 16);
• A 4-color cover sheet perfect for your rules binder!;
• VARIANT Rules and Play Aids;
• A handy ziploc bag to keep it all in.

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