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#133 "6 Deadly Madmen, Dragons vs. Giants, Flames and Fear at a Viking Funeral"

By: Paizo Publishing

Type: Magazine

Product Line: Dungeon Magazine #101 - #150

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#133 "6 Deadly Madmen, Dragons vs. Giants, Flames and Fear at a Viking Funeral"
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Chimes at Midnight
By Nicolas Logue
The brilliant (if somewhat eccentric) detective Viktor Saint-Demain has put more criminal masterminds behind bars than any three other inquisitives. But when the master sleuth fails to get the recognition he deserves, he sets out to prove to Sharn that they can’t live without him. A EBERRON adventure for 5th-level characters.

Ill-Made Graves
By Kevin Carter
The mighty dragon Oroshar lies dead, as does the barbarian king who slew him. Yet the dragon’s spirit does not rest quietly. His wrath lingers in one of the teeth lodged in the dead king’s corpse, awaiting only the caress of the funeral pyre before it can awaken into something far worse than a dragon of flesh and bone. A D&D adventure for 7th-level characters.

Kings of the Rift
By Greg A. Vaughan
Dragotha’s phylactery lies hidden somewhere in the ruined city of Kongen-Thulnir, a ruin now inhabited by tribes of giants and in the throes of a draconic siege. Can the PCs discover the secret vault that hides the phylactery before Dragotha’s dragons tear the city apart to reach it? An Age of Worms Adventure Path scenario for 18th-level characters.

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