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#313 "Tau Empire Preview, Easterling Castle, Selecting Runes for Your Dwarf Army"

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#313 "Tau Empire Preview, Easterling Castle, Selecting Runes for Your Dwarf Army"
Publish Year: 2006
Pages: 144
Dimensions: 8.5x11x.25"
Restockable: Yes
NKG part #: 2147743702
Mfg. part #: WD313
Type: Magazine



A Grim World of Perilous Adventure
Guidelines and modeling ideas for tactical, low-powered, dark fantasy games

Secrets of the Runes
Strategies for selecting runes for your Dwarf army

A consideration of Dwarfen artillery

Painting Workshop: Dwarf Slayers
Techniques for painting diminutive, suicidal lunatics

’Eavy Metal Showcase
New Dwarf models painted by GW’s experts

Tactics for getting the most out of those troops who simply will not break

Warhammer Chronicles: The Revolting Moot
A history and scenario detailing a sad time in the Moot

Chapter Approved: Creature Feature
Some new critters and scenarios for your 40K games

Monster Hunter Showcase
Converting troops to face the featured creatures

From Concept to Reality
Collecting a Word Bearers army

Frenzy of the Blood God
Tim Lison explains how he converted his amazing Khornate Lord.

Tau Empire Preview
A sneak peek at the soon-to-be-released Codex and models

Marshals of the Black Templars
Histories of some Templar personages and tips on how to model them

Lords of Death
Tactics for Necrons and tips for equipping Necron Lords

Battle Report: War in the East
The forces of Gondor and the Easterlings do battle.

Out of the East
Designer’s notes for the new supplement, A Shadow in the East

Easterling Castle
A scenery workshop showing how to construct an Easterling fortress

Servants of Sauron
Collecting tips and tactics for Easterling forces

Delving Deep
Part two of the Moria campaign report

Múrin and Drár
A painting workshop for two new Dwarf characters

Defenders of the Realm
Collecting an army of Minas Tirith

Turn 1: News and New Releases
GW Hobby Centers and Events

Seeing the Light
A showcase of models from Golden Demon winner Victoria Lamb

Modeling Workshop: Water Effects
Techniques for creating watery terrain and bases

Echoes from the Warp
“Dirty Steve” answers your letters.

Bitz & Pieces
Conversion ideas for Dwarven war machines