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By: Dork Storm Press

Type: Comic

Product Line: Nodwick Comics (Dork Storm Press)

Last Stocked on 8/8/2021

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Aaron Williams
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What army . . . er, band of warriors . . . er, guys who work for the forces of good would be complete without a genuine dragon mount? Nodwick would sure like to find out, since the care and feeding of the beast has fallen to him. Care isn't so bad. Feeding can be, especially when your charge discovers you're delicious. Can Nodwick survive to the final battle with Baphuma'al if this addition to the group sticks around? Can he get a good deal on Dragon Chow? Pick up Nodwick #30 with cover art by Frank Cho!

The story of Nodwick is a classic tale of boy meets party, boy hires on with party, boy becomes injured, crushed, punctured, smelted, flattened, stapled, eaten, and occasionally used to carry stuff. A young henchman seeks his fortune and unwittingly contracts himself to a trio of adventurers who constantly rewrite the book on legendary exploits (mostly under chapters beginning with the word "don't"). They have defeated evil tyrants, slain rampaging monsters, looted ruined cities (often doing the ruining themselves, saving time), and generally brought adventure to those who would otherwise live peaceful lives. No job is too small for these heroes, primarily because they are often broke, bored, or both. Unfortunately, the outcome of their adventures is rarely positive for anyone involved, and many are the hamlets that would sooner face an outbreak of intestinal warts than lodge these "heroes" for a fortnight.

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