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Publish Year: 2000
Pages: 160
Dimensions: 9x12x.35"
Restockable: No
Type: Softcover


They Also Served: IAR-Brasov IAR-80 - Romania's indigenous World War II fighter by Danut Vlad (cutaway line drwg); Air war Vietnam: 'Screaming Bird' B-57 Canberra operations in Vietnam, 1963-72 by Robert C Mikesh (1 3-view col drwg); An Industry of Prototypes: F.18/37 fighter prototype - Hawker Tornado by John Heathcott (4 side view line drwgs); North American Rockwell A3J (A-5) Vigilante by M Hill Goodspeed (65 pages, 2 3-view col drwgs, 4 col profiles, 9 fin insignia col drwgs, fold out col drwg, cutaway line drwg); Last days of Hitler's Luftwaffe - F├╝rth/Nuremberg airfield, May 1945 by Warren Thompson & John Heathcott (photo feature); 432nd TRW Phantoms at War, 1972 by Paul Crickmore & John Heathcott (photo feature); An Industry of Prototypes: Short SA.4 Sperrin - The RAF's 'Insurance Bomber' by Clive Richards (1 3-view line drwg, col cutaway drwg); Variant Briefing: Bristol Blenheim by Jon Lake (2 col profiles, 1 3-view col drwg, 11 side view line drwgs, cutaway line drwg); Air Combat: Martin P4M Mercator - Cold War Elint-gathering operations by John Lake & Robert F Dorr (cutaway line drwg, 1 3-view col drwg); Beyond the Frontiers: Lavochkin La-250 Anaconda by Yefim Gordon (3 side view line drwgs, 1 3-view line drwg)