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Fulda Gap '85

By: HPS Simulations

Type: Software (unboxed)

Product Line: Computer War Games - Modern Campaigns


Last Stocked on 9/11/2020

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Fulda Gap '85
John Tiller
Publish Year
Software (unboxed)


By 1985, NATO and Warsaw Pact forces had been staring at each other across the Iron Curtain for 40 years as the Cold War became increasingly warmer. During the mid '80s, the Cold War reached a boiling point as the ideologies of communism and capitalism were in their most confrontational posture. One spark on the world scene would be all that it would take to ignite these powerful military forces and send them crashing into each other across the only thing that stood between them in Germany: the open region of Erfurt-Eisenach, Vogelsberg, and the highlands north of the Autobahn...the region used by the US Third Army to drive deep into Germany at the close of WWII...the Fulda Gap.

Fulda Gap '85 features:
- One-mile hexes and three-hour turns.
- Company and battalion-sized units.
- Infantry, armor, helicopter, airborne, artillery, and special forces units.
- Special rules for Chemical Warfare, Artillery-Delivered Mines, Electronic Warfare (including jamming and intelligence), and Thermal Imaging Sights.
- Map is over 250 by 150 hexes from the Rhine River in the west to Leipzig in the east.
- Over 20 scenarios ranging from a 10 turn scenario involving the 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment vs. the Warsaw Pact to a 160-turn campaign game involving American, West German, Canadian, Russian, East German, and Polish forces.

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