By: Laughing Pan

Type: Boxed Game

Product Line: Horrific - Terror in the Cards

Product Info

Publish Year
NKG Part #
MFG. Part #
Boxed Game
Age Range
10 Years and Up
# Players
2 Players
Game Length
20 - 45 Minutes


Your classic vampire, all he wants is influence and power in the town, plus a little respect. As an Undead already, what does he need with more?

He is stylish, courteous, and has the most lordly manner. Vladimir loves people to know just how wonderful he is. After all, he travels in the right circles and always gives to those in need. Why yesterday, he gave quite generously to the Bishop’s food kitchen, all in the name of charity. It didn’t hurt his good name either. Things would be just fine if a certain self-styled gypsy would stay out of his territory. She seems to think she could simply drop some names and tell a few tall tales and everyone would drop Vladimir in the gutter. She is very mistaken. He had his alibis for the newspaper man, for the young woman that went missing. And you might know that she was sighted in the proximity of Déla’s salon. Vladimir could play that game too. He knows many games, and one is that you don’t mess with his good name. Vladimir would be at the Theater fundraiser tonight, and all of his friends would see that he was a trustworthy and upright citizen. He’d hate to have to tell them about Déla’s misfortunate encounters - what a shame if they ran her out of town, eh?

Now why would a vampire go around turning everyone else undead? That would only give him competition! No, Vladimir only needs the ears of the right people to fulfill his Victory Conditions: his Trust must be at least 8, and he needs enough living minions that their Power totals 20 and their influence totals 25. Vladimir (along with Déla, curse her!), has Monument cards, which counteract losing trust from two living minions for each Monument in his Reserve. This means that Vladimir can control people and keep them for quite a long time. Also, even though he doesn't need sycophant undead to win, he can turn minions to undead - but he usually only does so just to destroy them and retrieve useful cards from his Mound. One weakness Vladimir has (about the only one) is that he's unable to touch another character's undead minions.

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