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#124 "Anime Games For Adults, The Incredible Hulk - Ultimate Destruction Preview"

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#124 "Anime Games For Adults, The Incredible Hulk - Ultimate Destruction Preview"
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SATURDAY NIGHT VS.' SMACKDOWN! Sure, you've seen all the tourney champs and combed through your weight in 'net decks, but when it comes to the "friendly" Saturday night games with friends, do you have what it takes to not only kick but, but to knock them on the butt in surprise? Now you do! Our casual decks for the Marvel and DC TCGs will leave foes shocked and awed!

PARTY ON! Are you the dork who sits alone next to the punchbowl at parties? Do you get stuck taking tickets and hanging decorations 'cuz you can't get a date? No more worries! You'll be the life of the party with games like Lord of the Fries, Marriage Material, Beyond Balderdash and Chez Geek. Not only will you get to game at parties, chicks will dig you for it!

You’re hip deep in now, soldiers. Hip deep in summer, we mean. Have you been spending your days wisely, creating calluses from card flopping and beefing up your hand-eye coordination from marathon sessions in front of your new PSP? If you haven¹t, you¹d better get back to training. You¹ll want to be ready when winter comes and the snow wolves are after you.

The top 10 Saviors of Kamigawa cards…
The full skinny on Prince of Persia 3
The secrets of the new Castlevania, Soul Calibur and Legend of Zelda games
The freakiest CCG combos ever

Notice the three (not just one‹three!) exclamation points. The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction comes to your home console in August, and it¹ll have all other games green with envy‹and gamma radiation. From the ability to use Buicks as boxing gloves and oil derricks as five-irons with soldiers getting lost in the rough, Hulk is the perfect game to relieve all your pent up aggression. You¹ll love Hulk when he¹s angry.

If you¹re tired of tryin¹ to catch Œem all and want something a little more grown-up‹or even just adolescent‹out of your anime CCGs, IQ Gamer has the first look and the first decks for the brand spankin¹ new Fullmetal Alchemist and Cased Closed TCGs. Magic has PG-13 rated repercussions and murder is just another day at the office for heroes of these games. You won¹t want your little brother taking these decks to school.

IQ Gamer #124 has the first look at Rocketmen: Axis of Evil, the hot new constructible strategy game from WizKids. Think Pirates of the Spanish Main, add martians, and give yourselves even more customizing options!

And look out! We’ve got a sneak peak at the new teams and mechanics from August¹s Avengers set for the Vs, System. They ain¹t called “The Earth’s Mightiest Heroes” fer nuthin’!

The entire lowdown on all the new consoles introduced at E3. Want to know all there is to know about the Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo Revolution? If you¹re saving your pennies awaiting the day Solid Snake, Sam Fisher and Wario coming screaming outta your TV and onto your couch, we¹ve got all the details‹and bibs for your drool‹right here.

Plus, news and strategy for Magic: The Gathering, Vs. System, HeroClix and more! All in IQ Gamer #124!

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