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Gloranthan Map Set

By: Unspoken Word, The

Type: Other

Product Line: Glorantha/RuneQuest (The Unspoken Word)

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Gloranthan Map Set
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The Unspoken Word now proudly announces the launch of a whole new range of glossy, full-color A3 (29cm x 42cm/11.7" x 16.5") Gloranthan maps. The first six in the range are:

Heortland, covering the lands of the Esvulari and Volsaxiland (by Simon Bray)
Tarsh, from the back of the original Tarsh in Flames (by Wesley Quadros)
Imther, also with an inset map showing the location of the marls (clans) (by Wesley Quadros, after Harald Smith's originals)
Dagori Inkarth, an expanded version of the map on the back of Uz: The Trolls of Glorantha (by Darran Sims)
Pavis County, now in full-sized higher-resolution version (by John Hughes)
Esrolia, pictured above (by Marian Gutowski)

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