#18 "Starship Troopers, Babylon 5, Trojan Wars"

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#18 "Starship Troopers, Babylon 5, Trojan Wars"
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Issue 18 of Signs & Portents is here, and it’s the New Year issue! With Mongoose’s range of games getting ever wider, so the range of articles in S&P broadens as well. Don’t worry, though. All your old favorites are there as well! If yours is missing this month, rest assured it’s not been forgotten.

On The Bounce! – Take an in-depth look at the technical specs and some exclusive pictures of the M-8 Marauder suit, for many the epitome of the Mobile Infantry in Starship Troopers.

Refusal to Submit – Vincent Darlage postulates on how Robert E. Howard would like you to roleplay in his world of Hyboria. See if you agree with him.

Babylon 5 Campaigns – Everybody knows that Babylon 5 is a space station, right? That said, there’s so much more to the B5 roleplaying game; there’s a whole universe out there to explore. Let Darrin Drader be your guide on how to get the most from spacecraft-based campaigns.

The Orcs of Delakar – Following on from his innovative article last issue, Matt Thomason provides an introductory adventure (along with some more counters for you to copy) to show how the OGL Solo amendments work in practice.

Life in the New World – After the holocaust there isn’t much left of the world as we know it in Jeremiah the Roleplaying Game, but what’s left is struggling to survive. Once such place is Canon City, Colorado. It must be true; after all, it is Canon…

Continuity In Crime – Nick Robinson argues the case that the best villains in Judge Dredd are those, like the Angel Gang, the Dark judges, Whitey and Orlok the Assassin, who come back time and again for more.

Power Class: Seer – Part one of a great new Power Class, only available in S&P. Ever wanted to know the future before everybody else? Here’s your chance. Annoy your fellow gamers as you smugly tell them that the thing they are going to do in five minutes will probably kill them.

Gaming Symposium – A Most Monstrous Economy – Think of all the times you turned over a goblin or kobold cave, stole, er… liberated, all the treasure and went off to town to blow it on magic weapons. Ever wondered just why the little devils actually collected it? I suppose you just put it down to them liking shiny things…

Riders of Tombalku – The city of Tombalku in Hyboria is ruled by the Aphaki a hybrid race composed of Shemites who have mingled with the local Black Kingdoms population. The place itself is the scene of one of Conan’s greatest adventures and is perfect for adventurers. Now you can play an Aphaki character with this new racial profile.

Greeks Bearing Gifts – The story of Paris and Helen is familiar to anybody who knows about the Trojan war, but a few other things were going on just before the 10 year siege began. Sarwat Chadda has created this month’s scenario – for OGL Ancients – with this in mind, so get ready for rip-roaring adventure, Ancient Greek style!

Add in the usual mix of Jonny Nexus, Tales From Mongoose Hall, Inside the Chainmail Bra and Design & Conquer and it’s another exciting issue of Signs & Portents, the magazine about which the legendary Gary Gygax said: ‘I was impressed with the quality of production, layout, art, and content. Congratulations!’

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