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Raging Tiger - The Second Korean War

Raging Tiger - The Second Korean War
Sub Category: Software & PC Games
Product Note: PC CD-Rom
Author: Curt Pangracs
Publish Year: 2004
Dimensions: 5.5x8.5x.3"
Restockable: No
Mfg. part #: SGI00106
Type: Software (unboxed)


It is the near future. One of the last bastions of true Communism, the corrupt and bankrupt police state of North Korea, has been involved in the dirty business of trading uranium. Trading it for what, though? Food to feed their starving people? Medical supplies for the thousands dying each day from disease and malnutrition? No, the ruling monsters have been trading it for more weaponry, in the hope of one day seeing their nightmare vision of uniting the two Koreas under the red banner come to fruition.

Early morning, 11 September 2010, the DMZ erupts in a symphony of death and destruction. Has the blitzkrieg began? It has, but the tanks and helicopters cutting a swath across no man's land aren't heading south - they're going north. The US-ROK invasion has just begun, and soon the Axis of Evil club will lose yet another member. You are there.

While the cowardly leftists wail and gnash their teeth, fight for truth, democracy, and world freedom in Raging Tiger: The Second Korean War, taking the battle to another tinpot dictator that would be better off six feet under. Command an arsenal of next generation weapons and the brave warriors that use them as you fight on land, air, and sea. From heavy equipment carriers like HEMMTs to Harrier jump jets to the grunt on the field, Raging Tiger provides players with plenty of nifty toys to wage war with.

Keeping everything you've come to expect and enjoy from ProSIM's line of intense real-time strategy games/simulations, Raging Tiger boasts a slew of additional features that will make your experience so intense, you'll be ducking for cover. Command the coalition forces of Joint Task Force Iron in a story based campaign. Special Forces, asymmetric warfare, streaming lines of refugees, the threat of nuclear annihilation, amphibious assaults, and more are all part of a gaming experience that you soon won't forget.

Raging Tiger features full multiplayer capabilities and a scenario editor to keep you playing long after you've beaten the campaign a dozen times over (although with the game's superlative AI that may be a while). Best of all, Raging Tiger is entirely backwards compatible with ATF, opening the door for Raging Tiger owners to instantly increase their scenario library.

The time has come to face down another global threat. Are you up to the challenge? Find out in Raging Tiger: The Second Korean War.