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Combat Command 2 - Danger Forward (Gold Edition)

Combat Command 2 - Danger Forward (Gold Edition)
Sub Category: Software & PC Games
Publish Year: 2003
Dimensions: 6.5x8.5x.22"
Restockable: No
Mfg. part #: SGI50002-GE
Type: Software (unboxed)


Danger Forward is the first installment in the new Combat Command 2 series by respected designer David Erickson and acclaimed developers Boku Strategy Games. Redesigned from the ground up, the new Danger Forward differs from the original by featuring brand new graphics, design tweaks, and fresh new scenarios. At the same time everything you liked from the original is still present: turn based gameplay, an emphasis on command and control, and unparalleled historical accuracy.

If you're one of the few who have never experienced the brilliance of Danger Forward be prepared to immerse yourself in one of the best gaming experiences you've ever had on your PC. Much like the wargames you grew up on, Danger Forward is set during WWII and uses a turn-based, multi-phased, approach to gameplay. Units are company sized, with maps made up of half kilometer hexes and turns representing two hours of real time. Authentic orders of battles and maps make up the twenty-seven scenarios included in the game, and with the included editor you can create new scenarios or simply alter existing ones.

The pre-made scenarios themselves are an interesting mix, with an emphasis on airborne and amphibious landings. Danger Forward covers the Western and Mediterranean Fronts, with battles taking place from Belgium to Crete, from Italy to France, and in the hypothetical Sealion scenario, even in England. The majority of scenarios cover actions that are rarely gamed in computer wargames (and some are rarely seen even in traditional boardgames), making Danger Forward an exciting new venture for most gamers.

While the core gameplay will feel right at home to anyone who has pushed counters on a kitchen table, what makes Danger Forward truly exciting is its use of the medium. Fully taking advantage of the fact that it's a computer game, and not a boardgame, Danger Forward is able to do things you simply can't do in a boardgame. True fog-of-war is a start, and ease of play is another asset, but by far the most important feature to come out of the format are the command and control rules.

At its heart, Danger Forward is a wargame that prides itself on its realistic command system. What could be a bookkeeping nightmare in a boardgame is easily handled in Danger Forward. Unlike most games where gamers simply have to keep throwing units into the grinder in Danger Forward players will have to take unit organization into account. Lose radio contact with a unit and a carefully thought out plan could turn into a disaster. Combat Command is not just a title, it's the way of the game.

Innovative and imaginative, Combat Command 2: Danger Forward Gold Edition is the grand tactical WWII wargame for anyone who enjoys classic, turn based grognard action.