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Blood Magic - Oaths and Sacrifice

By: Mongoose Publishing

Type: Softcover

Product Line: Encyclopaedia Arcane (d20)

Last Stocked on 8/4/2019

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Blood Magic - Oaths and Sacrifice
Ian Sturrock
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The ancient practice of blood magic has been outlawed in many civilized societies, for though it allows access to staggering levels of magical power the price can be very high. Savage tribes often respect blood magic, though even they tend to fear and avoid it where possible – its power is the stuff of legend, to be invoked only by those who expect to achieve great things or die in the attempt. A few warriors of the old school will swear blood brotherhood or other blood oaths but learning much more than that is generally the province only of primitive sorcerers or the most vile and despicable wizards. Those who go into blood magic with good intentions often find themselves seduced by its savage power, and soon want more – at whatever cost, up to and including dozens or hundreds of innocent lives.

The power inherent in sentient blood has been recognized by many of the great philosophers and sages throughout history, both religious and secular. Whether spilling his own blood to fuel his spells, creating a ritual to bond two comrades in blood brotherhood, or sacrificing enemies for magical power, the practitioner of blood magic is drawing upon that ancient, primal force, and must take great care that he can control it, and not vice versa.

Both sorcerers and wizards can attempt to learn blood magic. Finding a teacher in civilized lands can be tricky, though it is also possible to teach oneself through trial and error. Many teachers of blood magic demand a far higher price than the student’s diligence and gold, though, and the would-be student must approach the matter with great caution.

For the blood magician who is either very strong-willed and capable of resisting the more dangerous temptations of that path, or who is prepared to simply launch himself headlong into the most unpleasant aspects of blood magic, this can be a worthy addition to his arsenal of magical powers, allowing him to be a great deal more versatile than the more formulaic wizard or sorcerer. On the other hand, those who simply dabble with blood magic, learning a little here and a little there, believing they can control their habit, are often those most at risk of being either totally corrupted by it, or destroyed by one of the primal forces that seem attracted to it. . .

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