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Dogs of War, The - Washington, D.C.

By: Tyranny Games

Type: Softcover

Product Line: The End (Tyranny Games)

Last Stocked on 3/21/2021

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Dogs of War, The - Washington, D.C.
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When the First Seal broke, releasing Pestilence across the world, the people of Washington D.C. were hit hard. Martial law was declared in the ensuing chaos and violence became a way of life. When the Second Seal was broken, the violence and power swirling in D.C. brought the Second Horseman of the Apocalypse to his future home.

War slipped into the fabric of Washington with ease. Disciplined soldiers, honorable generals, and politicians dedicated to peace became the plaything of War. With these people, War took peace from the Earth. When the End came, and the wars stopped, those few who knew of War's existence assumed he returned to stuff of the earth from which he was born. They were wrong.

When the End came, all contact with Washington was cut off. Now the temporary black hole that was Washington after The End is rising from the ashes with War at its helm. With God gone, what power on Earth can stop War's relentless advance?

God May be Dead, but War is Just Getting Started...

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