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Bob - Lord of Evil

By: Peregrine

Type: Softcover

Product Line: Murphy's World

Last Stocked on 9/30/2020

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Bob - Lord of Evil
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Bob, Lord of Evil is a humorous techno-horror roleplay game that provides a parody of the clichés of the horror genre. Included are easy to learn and use rules for Character Generation and Action Resolution, with suggestions for adventure creation and descriptions of places to go, people to see, and things you may not want to encounter on a dark and stormy night....

The book also functions as a setting supplement for Characters from Murphy's World or as an extension to the universe of any other existing system of rules — you're not required to generate a new Character to visit the Land of Bob. Characters from other worlds (and game systems) can easily be brought to the Dark Lands via a crashed spaceship, magical backfire, or interdimensional teleportation gate. Characters could even suffer an individual or collective bout of unconsciousness and visit Tir Nan Bob in their dreams, er... nightmares!

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