Harbinger, The

By: AEG (Alderac Entertainment Group)

Type: Module

Product Line: Adventure Keep Modules (d20)

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Harbinger, The
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The most dangerous foe is the enemy you once called friend... The small peaceful town of Brookvale lies in the sheltered forest curve of a wide river, protected from weather by the sweeping arms of massive elm trees. The town boasts a library, a cultural museum filled with historical exhibits, and the temple of Ghesse, the River-goddess. Over the mossy gate hangs the sign of the Royal Testament - the King's own favor. It is a gentle place, where goodly folk spend time in craft-halls and educating themselves through study. Under the watchful eye of an old wizard named Calendrus, the town has prospered and grown. Until now... A dragon appeared within the forest, recently, ravaging outlying villages and destroying everything in its path. It shows no mercy, nor any interest in peace - it exists merely to kill and maim. Yet the marauding dragon's hide shines silver in the sunlight - a color that should stand for goodness and justice. Something must be terribly wrong to drive a good dragon to slaughter innocent peasantry... and the dragon is headed directly for Brookvale!

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