Grande Temple of Jing, The (d20)

By: Hammerdog Games

Type: Softcover

Product Line: d20 Modules (Hammerdog Games)

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Grande Temple of Jing, The (d20)
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Welcome, adventurers to the Grande Temple of Jing! You must be worthy indeed to be chosen by my lord to pay visit to this, his home and shrine. Know brave souls that fame and fortune lurk around every corner of this magnificent temple. Soon its halls shall be yours to explore and plunder, but be warned. Death and destruction also await in the rooms and corridors of the Grande Temple, and only the skillful and cunning may survive to claim it's rewards. Your destiny awaits you... in a moment. First I require a volunteer."

You shake your head and pinch yourself to make sure you're not dreaming. This was a simple job when you took it - search the forest for some missing elves. Now you find yourself... somewhere else, trapped in a massive labyrinth and at the mercy of a trickster god named Jing. You have dodged traps, solved riddles, and fought seven-legged spiders just to reach this Welcoming Chamber of Jing and now the so-called chamber guardian - a floating magical mouth - wants a volunteer? Wounded and tired, you strain to make sense of this madness and reach up to scratch your head. You are startled as the guardian turns to you and smiles. "Excellent!" it says. "You have raised your hand. We have our volunteer..."

Building Block Adventures (BBAs) are ADAPTABLE fantasy role-playing supplements. Each is jam-packed with exciting adventure and can be played solo, or as part of an ongoing storyline! Building Block Adventures can be easily tailored to suit any campaign or game world!

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