Siege! (Mounted Counters Edition)

By: Fact & Fantasy Games (Richard Jordison)

Type: Ziplock

Product Line: Board Games (Fact & Fantasy Games - Richard Jordison)


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Siege! (Mounted Counters Edition)
Richard Jordison
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This is a game of siege warfare, 50 AD - 1400 AD.

This set of rules is intended as a game system, by which the players can reproduce most types of siege warfare during the period covered. It is open-ended, in that the players may design their own conflicts, with variations in unit type, siege machinery, and fortifications. Many extra counters of different types are included, from cavalry to early cannons. Extra hex sheets are included for designing other castles . . . The map sheet provided with the game represents a section of terrain that might be found in central Europe. The castle walls and town on the sheet are of the period 1350-1450 A.D.

There are two additional terrain sheets/overlays. One sheet represents a Roman mile-castle on the Hadrian wall in Britain of about the period 125 A.D. The other sheet represents a Saxon Burh, or fortified hill settlement of about 1050-1150 A.D.

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