Star Trek the RPG (Deluxe, 2nd Edition)


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Star Trek the RPG (Deluxe, 2nd Edition)
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Now you can join the USS Enterprise in STAR TREK: The Role Playing Game, each player assumes the identity of a character in the STAR TREK universe. While controlling the actions of his character, the player leads him through one adventure after another, facing new challenges and unknown dangers. Each game is an ever-changing story as players solve near-impossible puzzles, complete dangerous missions, or simply battle to survive. The game may be played by 3 or more people. ages 12 to adult. Included are the following:
Star Fleet Officer's Manual
This 40-page book contains information on how to play the game. With it, you can create and train your own Star Fleet Officer as well as direct his actions in ground-based adventures. Included are an introduction and a glossary for players new to role-playing games.

Cadet's Orientation Sourcebook
This 80-page book contains information about the STAR TREK universe. It includes illustrated Sections on the races and governments in the known universe, as well as photo-illustrated sections on the organization and equipment of Star Fleet. For players new to STAR TREK, there is a time line of events and a glossary of STAR TREK terms.

Game Operations Manual
This 48-page book contains all the information necessary for designing and running games. It has sections on designing adventures and presenting them to players. There are sections on judging character generation and actions planetside and in space.

Star Trek Starship Tactical Combat Simulator

3 Books from the core game
  • Star Fleet Officer's Manual
  • Cadet's Orientation Sourcebook
  • Game Operations Manual

    3 books from Star Trek III combined in one volume
  • Book 1: Starship Combat Simulator
  • Book 2: Advanced Rules
  • Book 3: Starship Data and Combat Charts

    Booklet of panel display sheets Including:
  • Master Control Panel/Damage control dispay/ Damage Charts/
  • Tactical display/ Engineering Panel
  • Tactical display/ Deflector shields/ Damage Control Panel
  • Tactical Display / Helm/ Weapons Control

    As well as:
  • 1 poster map-sized hex sheet
  • 1 sheet of small square counters (112 counters total: 48 red weapon counters, 36 blue shield counters, 7 green power counters, 7 grey superstructure counters, 6 yellow move counters, 6 black sensors counters, 2 black casualties counters)
  • 1 sheet of hexagonal counters (76 small and 2 large total: 72 small starships, 3 small explosions, 1 small planet, 2 large planets
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