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Agent 13 Sourcebook

Agent 13 Sourcebook
by TSR
Genre: RPG - Pulp
Product Line: Top Secret
Author: Ray Winninger
Publish Year: 1988
Pages: 96
Dimensions: 8.5x11x.2"
Restockable: No
Mfg. part #: TSR7625
Type: Softcover
Series: TSAC2


The Brotherhood Is a secret organization thousands of years old, with power and influence beyond measure. Once dedicated to the betterment of mankind, the Brotherhood has turned to evil under the corrupt Influence of Itsu, the Hand Sinister. Only one man can fight this ruthless organization no one else even knows exists - Agent 13. Kidnapped by the Brotherhood as an infant, Agent 13 received the finest training possible, and was destined to become one of the Brotherhood's best operatives. But Agent 13 learned the awful truth about his masters, and escaped. It Is now the 1930s, and Agent 13, along with a handful of trusted associates, uses all his training and abilities to smash the Brotherhood and end their plans for world domination!

The AGENT 13 Sourcebook allows TOP SECRET/S.I. game players to enjoy the pulp-adventure action of the 30's. Enter the world of diabolical villains, beautiful (and deadly) dames, courageous heroes, and improbable escapes. The Brotherhood plans to bring the world to Its knees - can you stop them?

The AGENT 13 Sourcebook also Includes a complete background for other adventures in the 1930s, allowing you even more roleplaying variety: G-Men on the trail of gangsters, masked crimefighters going where the law can't reach, fearless explorers discovering lost civilizations, and tough private eyes who'll take any case if the money Is right.

And, as always, all this excitement is presented the way you've come to expect It from TOP SECRET/S.I. products: Easy to play, yet chillingly realistic. You'll feel the gangster's tommy gun In your back, you'll hear the fiendish laugh of Itsu, the Hand Sinister. So pack that .45 underneath your coat, snap down the brim on your fedora, and come along…