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At Close Quarters - Late 20th & Early 21st Century Skirmish Gaming (2nd Edition)

By: HLBS Publishing

Product Line: Historical Miniature Rules (HLBS Publishing)

(chart laminated)

Blood & Swash/Thunder & Plunder (3rd Edition)

By: LMW Works

Stock #: LMW-1018

Product Line: Historical Miniature Rules (LMW Works)

Cold War Gone Hot - World War III 1986

By: Osprey

Stock #: OSPFOF004

Product Line: Force on Force (Osprey)

Dogs of War - Modern Skirmish Combat

By: Devil Dog Design

Stock #: DOW9001

Product Line: Dogs of War - Modern Skirmish Combat

MSRP $25.00

Engage & Destroy - Contemporary Armored Warfare Miniature Rules

By: Chaosium

Product Line: Board Games (Chaosium)

Face of Modern Battle 1950-Present, The

By: Gammazon

Stock #: GMZ07300

Product Line: Face of Battle

(stored in plastic binder)


  VG+ $38.00


By: Osprey

Stock #: OSPFOF007

Product Line: Force on Force (Osprey)

Junkerdrome - Televised Vehicular Deathsport

By: Goblinoid Games

Product Line: Tabletop Miniatures Games (Goblinoid Games)

MSRP $15.49

Metal Storm

By: Hammer Wargames

Product Line: War Game Rules (Hammer Wargames)

(cover Fair+)

Oil War - World War III in the Middle East

By: Battlefront Miniatures

Stock #: FW917

Product Line: Team Yankee - World War III - Core & Assorted

MSRP $20.00

Pulp Alley - Perilous Island Expansion

By: Pulp Alley Miniatures

Stock #: PAM1002

Product Line: Pulp Alley - Core & Assorted

MSRP $17.99

Road to Baghdad - Iraq 2003

By: Osprey

Stock #: OSPFOF001

Product Line: Force on Force (Osprey)

(former library copy)

Rules for Modern Naval Warfare 1950-1985

By: Dodo Publications

Product Line: Modern Warfare (Dodo Publications)

(cover faur, rules notated)
(cover Fair)

Scudbusters - SAS in the Gulf War

By: Gauntlet Publications

Product Line: Historical Miniature Rules (Gauntlet Publications)

(errata stapled to inside back cover)


By: Vandering

Product Line: Shipwreck

Tactical Command

By: Medallion Simulations

Product Line: Tacitical Command

(no box, miniatures or terrain)
(missing miniatures and terrain)
(no box, miniatures or terrain, unpunched)

USX Modern Day Heroes - Rulebook


Stock #: RAF0016

Product Line: USX Modern Day Heroes - Boxed Sets & Core Rules

MSRP $20.00

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