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Miniatures - Modern - Rules

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7TV Core Rulebook (Revised Second Edition)

By: Crooked Dice Game Design Studio

Stock #: CDSCRB-001

Product Line: 7TV Miniatures - Core & Assorted

MSRP $65.95

At Close Quarters - Late 20th & Early 21st Century Skirmish Gaming (2nd Edition)

By: HLBS Publishing

Product Line: Historical Miniature Rules (HLBS Publishing)

Battlefield, The - Miniature Modern Warfare

By: Bombshell Games

Product Line: Miniature Wargames Rules (Bombshell Games)

Black Powder Red Earth Core Rule Book - Unforgiving Close Combat in a Failed State at War

By: Echelon Software

Product Line: Black Powder Red Earth

Blood & Swash/Thunder & Plunder (3rd Edition)

By: LMW Works

Stock #: LMW-1018

Product Line: Historical Miniature Rules (LMW Works)

Close and Destroy I

By: Timeline

Stock #: TMLC001

Product Line: Close and Destroy

Close and Destroy II

By: Timeline

Stock #: TMLC002

Product Line: Close and Destroy

Combat Commander 1973-1983

By: Enola Games

Product Line: Historical Miniature Rules (Enola Games)

Contact Front - A Modern Warfare Ruleset

By: God's Eye Games

Product Line: Contact Front

Corps Commander - OMG

By: Tabletop Games (Heritage)

Product Line: Miniature Rules (Tabletop Games)

Eagle One

By: Q-Games

Product Line: War Games (Q-Games)

Engage & Destroy - Contemporary Armored Warfare Miniature Rules

By: Chaosium

Product Line: Board Games (Chaosium)

Face of Modern Battle 1950-Present, The

By: Gammazon

Stock #: GMZ07300

Product Line: Face of Battle

(stored in plastic binder)

Harpoon 4 - Rules Set 4.1

By: Clash of Arms Games

Stock #: COA9604-57A

Product Line: Harpoon (Clash of Arms Games)

Jet Age - Air Combat & Campaign Rules

By: SkirmishCampaigns

Stock #: SKMSC03-002

Product Line: Check Your 6!

Junkerdrome - Televised Vehicular Deathsport

By: Goblinoid Games

Product Line: Tabletop Miniatures Games (Goblinoid Games)

MSRP $15.49

Leopard Tracks - Rules for Modern Mirco-Armor

By: Q-Games

Product Line: Miniature Rules (Q-Games)

MBT - Rules for Modern Armored Warfare

By: Dodo Publications

Product Line: Modern Warfare (Dodo Publications)

(cover Fair+)